Company at a glance

Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (CZP) is Russia's largest producer of Special High Grade (SHG) zinc and SHG zinc-based alloys.

Major consumers of CZP's products on the domestic market are the country's largest metallurgical companies: MMK, Severstal and Kashira Coated Steel Plant. By-products of the company are sulfuric acid, indium, cadmium, etc.

CZP's raw material base is represented by Nova Zinc LLP (Kazakhstan) operating lead-zinc Akzhal mine.

Main facilities of the metallurgical complex are located in Chelyabinsk. CZP is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, and its automated zinc electrolysis complex commissioned in 2003 enabled the Company to produce Special High Grade zinc of 99.995% metal purity. London Metal Exchange registered CZP SHG (Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant Special High Grade) brand in December 2004.

As part of its strategy to increase business profitability and the share of products with a larger added value, in June 2007, CZP completed acquisition of the Brock Metal Company Limited, a leading British producer of die-cast zinc alloys. The deal allowed CZP to expand its industrial activity on the international level and to get access to new promising European markets.

CZP's common shares are listed on MICEX-RTS stock exchange in Russia, as well as on London Stock Exchange as Global Depositary Receipts.