Shareholder Informations

CZP is a public company with its shares traded in Russia at MICEX-RTS, as well as at London Stock Exchange in the form of global depositary receipts under the tickers CHZN. The company strictly complies with the law of the Russian Federation “On Joint-Stock Companies” and all rules applicable to the companies listed on London Stock Exchange. CZP communicates to its shareholders all necessary information in a timely manner. 

CZP's shares were included in RTS Board list in March 2004. Until that, CZP's shares had no recognized market quotations. Starting from February 2007, CZP's shares were included in Quotation List B at RTS untill July 2011 when shares were de-listed due to a fall in the trading volume required to maintain a listing of Company’s shares on RTS Quotation List B.

To upsurge securities liquidity, CZP's shares underwent listing on MICEX in 2008 and were included in Quotation List B.

In December 2011 RTS and MICEX were integrated into one MICEX-RTS stock exchange.

Registrar of CZP's common shares is the CJSC "VRK".

CZP's Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs) issued by depositary bank The Bank of New York Mellon and representing CZP's ordinary shares have been in circulation at London Stock Exchange since November 2006. At the moment of their placement, 10 GDRs represented one ordinary share. Due to additional placing of CZP's ordinary shares in 2007, Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant and The Bank of New York Mellon made relevant amendments to GDR Program. As a result, the ratio between GDRs and CZP's ordinary registered shares changed to 1:1.

Prospectus (in accordance with the LSE)

Depositary contact
Bank of New York
101 Barclay Street
22 Floor
New York, New York 10286